1 Hour Drop Off 

Do you have some quick shopping to do in the Oshawa Centre that would be easier kid-free? EZ Crafts has you covered ! You can drop your kids off in our facility for 1 hour while you do some quick running around. Children can stay and do a A or B level craft , after they are finished they can play in our indoor playground until you come back!

Please review the following Terms & conditions.

1 Hour Drop Off            19.99+tax
1 Hour Drop Off Terms & Conditions 

​In order to drop off:

  • Children must be  a minimum of 4 years old. Children any younger than 4 years cannot be admitted for the 1 hour drop off.

  • We ask that parents leave children something to drink ( water , juice etc.)

  • Parents need to leave a phone number incase of emergency. 

  • If your child has any allergies parents need to alert the staff and leave an epi-pen if necessary.

  • In order to keep your little ones safe EZ Crafts staff only accept an amount of drop offs that they feel comfortable watching. If a staff member does not feel confident accepting your child for a drop off we ask that parents return at a later time and understand that any refusal for a drop off is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child. 

  • The 1 hour drop off is 60 minutes from the time the parent leaves the store, we allow for a 5 minute grace period should parents be running a little behind. If parents exceed 65 minutes they will be required to pay an additional 1$/minute per child.

Reasons we will call you to pick your children up early 

  • If children are violent towards other children who are in the facility or to our staff.

  • If there is a fire drill/evacuation of the Oshawa Centre.

  • If children who are not fully potty trained have an accident. (Don't worry, if parents want to bring their child a clean outfit they can resume the hour after parent comes to clean them up.)

Picking Up 

  • Parents must pick up children after 65 minutes or they will be charged an extra 1$/ minute. 

  • When it is time to pick up your child, the parent/guardian who dropped the child off must be the one to retrieve them.  If parents are having someone else pick up the child they must: 

    1. Call EZ Crafts to notify the staff​​

    2. Give the full name of the person picking up your child

    3. The person picking up the child must have photo I.D to confirm they are the one authorized to retrieve the child. 

    • If these requirements are not met EZ Crafts will not release the child to an unauthorized person or a person without proper identification.                                                                                                       ** This applies if one parent is dropping off and other parent is picking up**

PLEASE NOTE If children are not picked up within 85 minutes and have not called EZ Crafts to notify us of a delay , EZ Crafts Canada reserves the right to call mall security or potentially Durham Region Police. Once again our #1 concern is the safety of every child who enters our facility.

If you have any additional questions or require more information please feel free to contact us.


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